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Independent Holiness Churches of Canada


Independent Holiness Churches of Canada

We Believe:

  • in one God manifested as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • in the inspired Word of God as a basis for doctrine and practice.
  • in the universal moral depravity of the human race.
  • that Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind.
  • in the necessity of the New Birth for Salvation.
  • in the witness of the Holy Spirit assuring the believer of his salvation.
  • in the eradication of the sinful nature as a second work of grace called holiness or entire sanctification.
  • in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for effective witnessing.
  • that the gifts of the Spirit are active within the body of the church today.
  • all who refuse God’s plan of Salvation are destined for a Hell prepared for Satan and his angels.
  • in the personal, visible, second coming of Jesus Christ to catch away His Church to Heaven.
We believe